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Meet Andrew Brown

Do you want to have an inside scoop of your hairstylist and what it is like working for B. Monroe Salon? Look no further! Over the next few months, we will be diving into our team members’ lives, passions, and history at B. Monroe Salon.

Our first stylist tell-all was with our Education Lead, Andrew Brown. Andrew is from Yatesview, Georgia, and he has been with B. Monroe Salon for three years. As Education Lead, his role is to plan, lead, and delegate classes for our stylists throughout the year to increase their knowledge of cosmetology and how to be a thriving member of the B. Monroe Salon Culture. He also is in charge of our Associate Program. Andrew plays a huge role in our salon, but what brought him to B. Monroe?

I really wanted to work here because I knew this was a teaching salon, and I really wanted to make the best out of my career.

Monroe’s education focus allows stylists to work with big names, such as Sam Villa, and become certified in many different areas, such as Redken color, extensions, and Brazilian blowouts services. Our stylists are talented and continue to grow within our company for years.

As you can imagine, working for a salon company for many years allows for lots of memories. Andrew says his favorite memory is when he was inspired to go through his hair color certification. 

I felt like everybody really pushed me to go do that, and it was so awesome to have a lot of people behind me while I go to follow my dream.

Andrew is a wonderful part of our growing team, and we know he will do an exceptional job educating the future stylists of B. Monroe. Our final question for Andrew was, “What advice do you have for future hair stylists or those looking to go to cosmetology school?” He said:

Find something that you really enjoy, and to specialize in that. Just fully promote that and follow what you are passionate about!

To learn more about Andrew, follow him on Instagram @hairbyatob. To view Andrew’s entire interview, click here.


If you are interested in learning more about our Associate Program at B. Monroe or how you can join the B. Monroe Team, please email