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2022, here we come...

Now before you roll your eyes at this title, hear me out.

2022 can totally be your year. It could be your year to tackle those reach-for-the-star goals or your year to lay low. It could be your year to be heard or your year to listen. It could be your year to inhale or your year to exhale. It could be your year to leap or to tiptoe.

2022 can be a beautiful year, even with the inevitable hiccups and roadblocks. Just ask 2021.

What a year, yeah? 2021 seemed at first to be a welcomed change from the chaos and uncertainty of 2020. But weren’t we in for a surprise. Looking back at 2021 for us at B. Monroe, I remember…

  • open palms
  • promotions
  • new babies
  • grieving
  • changed mindsets
  • anniversaries
  • celebrations
  • heartache
  • new team members
  • and teammates moving on to new things

I remember beautiful connections with our guests, each other, and our passions. And I definitely remember some amazing hair. Thanks for trusting, supporting, and growing with us.

So what will 2022 be for you? How will you respond? Will you look for ways to serve others? To allow others to look after you? Will you choose this year to learn something new? To be intentional with your days? To find something good every day?

Because that’s really the secret, after all. 2022 can be your year on January 1st, or March 17th, or even December 28th.

Let’s make it a good one.