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Hair Extensions

Achieve Your Dream Hair with Hair Extensions


The hair length and volume of your dreams can be achieved with the help of Hair Extensions! We are proud to offer several high-quality installation methods to match your goals, budget and personal style from several of our talented stylists.





Tape-In Extensions

This method uses medical-grade tape adhesive to sandwich pieces of a client’s natural hair in between two pieces of extensions. The two tape tabs attach and create the section of the tape-in, and is repeated throughout the head. The amount of wefts needed will depend on client’s hair density and desired results.

Sew-In Extensions

This method is when a stylist attaches beads onto a row of a client’s natural hair and uses a thread and needle to “sew” wefts of extensions in. There are two weft options available; hand tied and machine tied. Hand-tied are a great option when extensions need to sit as flat as possible on the scalp due to naturally thin or hair that lacks volume. For natural hair that is thicker and the only desire is to add length, machine tied are a great option and are a little more economical.

The detailed process of Sew-In Extensions are ideal for those looking to add more volume and length that looks natural without putting too much tension on the scalp or hair. Sew-ins are good for a wide range of ages and hair goals and are virtually impossible when hair is worn up or down. Appointments with your stylist every 6-8 weeks is critical to maintain healthy scalp and hair during grow out.



Halo Extensions

Whether for a special occasion or everyday wear, Halo products are designed with comfort and personal style in mind. Halo Extensions can be installed in seconds and enjoyed for all-day wear. They can be removed and reused with ease, making it the perfect choice when you want the length and volume of extensions but not the commitment of permanent installation. They can be used daily or just for special occasions. Halos can be color-matched, cared-for and styled with ease. The lifespan of a Halo will depend on frequency of use and care, but can be expected to last anywhere from 9 months to a year. Learn more about HALO here.

Additional Information & Pricing

The longevity of each of these styles (apart from Halo) will depend on post-appointment care. Generally, extensions can last for 6-8 weeks before needing to be moved up and with proper care, extension pieces/wefts should last eight months to a year. Proper hair and scalp care along with having them moved up in the right time frame will help prevent added tension and damage on the natural hair as they grow out. We encourage proper detangling, cleansing, and moisturizing to your hair while wearing extensions.

Due to the varying prices of each of these extension services and the individual needs of each guest, we require a consultation with our Stylists who specialize in extensions. They will speak with you about your hair goals, evaluate the health and color of your natural hair and will be able to provide you with a quote on extension services.

If you are interested in a Halo, any of our stylists would be more than happy to assist you! During your consultation they you can try-on and experience different lengths available and they will also color match you.

Ready to learn more? Reserve your complimentary consultation at our Macon or Warner Robins  Salon today! 

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