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5 Tips For A Successful Hair Appointment!

Happy Friday, Fans! Want to get the most out of your #SiggyDo Appointment? Here are 5 Tips for a Successful Hair Appointment!

Tip #1 : We. Love. Pictures!
Guess what? We are just as obsessed with Pinterest as you are! Bring us pictures of what you like in a cut and color AND what you don’t like! But keep an open mind: some photos may not be realistic for your hair type, your schedule, or your budget. But I bet we can help you find the perfect look just for you 😉

Tip #2 : Consultations are cool!
Thinking about making a big change? Concerned with cost? The health of your hair? Schedule a free consultation! Let’s sit down and talk strategy.

Tip #3 : So fresh and so clean!
Ever heard that you should come to the salon with dirty hair before a color? WRONG! We prefer clean hair. If you come in with 3rd day hair, that’s not the way your hair actually looks. It’s not falling naturally and  can sometimes appear darker than it really is, which can make it more difficult for the colorist to achieve desired shades. Clean hair before a color appointment is the best!

Tip #4 : At Home Success!
The right hair care at home is so important in being able to recreate the look your stylist gives you in the salon. Also, protecting your hair is a top priority. Did you know that one of the top complaints women have is dry, damaged hair yet 70% of women do NOT use a heat protectant at home?! We can recommend the perfect products that will be the best options for your hair! #redkenready #pureologylove

Tip #5 : We LOVE what we do!
Stylists are creative, artistic, and caring! We love making you feel beautiful and creating an awesome work of art with your hair. We also want you to love your look, so please let us know if there is anything you may want to change or try differently. We are here for you 😉