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Meet Ashley Pancake

Do you want to have an inside scoop of your hairstylist and what it is like working for B. Monroe Salon? Look no further! Over the next few months, we will be diving into our team members’ lives, passions, and history at B. Monroe Salon.

Our next stylist tell-all was with our stylist, Ashley Pancake. Ashely is from Portland, Oregon, and she has been with B. Monroe Salon for five years. She currently works at our Warner Robins salon as a blonde and extensions certified stylist. Although she has been with B. Monroe for six years, Ashley says hair has always been a part of her life.

“What got me into hair is I actually loved bridal hair. My mom is a wedding planner, so I have been exposed to that industry my entire life. I really love everything about updos and styles and runway and fashion, and so when I got into beauty school, it really opened up all of my love for all things hair.”

Ashley plays a huge role in our salon, but what brought her to B. Monroe?

“So what actually drew me to B. Monroe, since I am from Oregon, was my boyfriend at the time, now husband, was looking up salons for me and sent me B. Monroe and said, ‘This is the best salon in the area, and this is where you should work.’ and I have been here ever since.”

As you can imagine, working for a salon company for many years allows for lots of memories. Ashley says her favorite memory is when B. Monroe hosted an education class with Sam Villa, a huge Redken artist.

“I love how much B. Monroe puts their stylists first and gives us all of this huge, free education that I would never have anywhere else.”

Ashley is a fantastic part of our growing team, and we know she will continue to do an exceptional job as a stylist for B. Monroe. Our final question for Ashely was, “What advice do you have for future hair stylists or those looking to go to cosmetology school?” She said:

“When you find a salon like B. Monroe that has the perfect culture for you, find your tribe and love them hard. They will take care of you.”


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