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Meet Elaina Wray

Do you want to have an inside scoop of your hairstylist and what it is like working for B. Monroe Salon? Look no further! Over the next few months, we will be diving into our team members’ lives, passions, and history at B. Monroe Salon.

Our next stylist tell-all was with our stylist, Elaina Wray. Elaina balayage specialist from Byron, Georgia. She currently works at our Macon salon, along with her younger sister and cousin. Elaina loves all things hair, but especially blonde balayage services. Being from the Middle Georgia area, Elaina always knew of B. Monroe but what drew her to work here?

β€œSo I actually am Casey Patterson’s cousin, so she kind of introduced me to the salon. I actually was a client before I was a stylist, and I just fell in love with the whole atmosphere. I really enjoy working here!”

Elaina plays a huge role in our salon and we love seeing her grow and develop as a stylist. Working here she has flourished in all ways, but we were curious what she finds most fulfilling about her job here at B. Monroe Salon.

β€œI am always excited to have a successful color correction! It really just makes my clients happy that we can fix whatever issues have been bothering them and just give them a whole new look!”

Elaina is a great addition to our Macon salon and we love having her around. She says she cannot wait to see y’all soon!!

To learn more about Elaina, follow her on Instagram at @creativecolorbyelaina.

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