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Meet Sarah Jade Moore

Do you want to have an inside scoop of your hairstylist and what it is like working for B. Monroe Salon? Look no further! Over the next few months, we will be diving into our team members’ lives, passions, and history at B. Monroe Salon.

Our next stylist tell-all was with our stylist, Sarah Jade Moore. Sarah Jade is from Barnesville, Georgia and she currently works at our Macon salon. Although Sarah Jade has only been with our salon company for one year, she has made many memories.

“My favorite memory at B. Monroe Salon was definitely starting and finishing the associates program. I worked under Andrew and I feel like I really learned a lot more than I did in school. It also helped me open up because I definitely started with a quite personality and now I talk to everybody.”

B. Monroe holds a special spot in Sarah Jade’s heart because we are the first salon she has worked in. She loves working here for many reasons, but the main reason is:

“Because B. Monroe is an education based salon. We have lots of learning opportunities, we attend lots of classes that that offer to us, and yea thats why I love working here!”

At B. Monroe we truly do value education, which is why we offer the associates program. Sarah Jade has finished her program, but she is always continuing to learn while working with us.

“Recently, we had a Mizani curly class, so right now we are all learning a lot about curly products and curly hair care, which I really am enjoying. I feel like this will expand my book for a more diverse clientele and I hope to see more of you.”

Sarah Jade is a fantastic part of our growing team, and we know she will continue to do an exceptional job as a stylist for B. Monroe. We cannot wait to see what all Sarah Jade does in the future.

To learn more about Sarah Jade, follow her on Instagram at @sj.hairr.

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