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Happy Earth Day!

B. Monroe Salon is a proud partner of Salon Cycle in order to become a more green and sustainable salon!

Through Salon Cycle, we are able to keep our salon waste out of landfills—everything from color tubes, used hair foils, excess color, and even human hair clippings! We’re committed to keeping the planet as beautiful as all of our clients. A few examples include:

Aerosol Tubes: Hairspray and mousse make your hairstyle last but that doesn’t mean that the packaging needs to. We keep our empty aerosol cans from landfills by recycling them!

Excess Color: We do our best to only mix as much color as we think we need, but sometimes there is excess. In those cases, we simply scrape the leftover color into this bucket and when it’s full, we send it back to Salon Cycle!

Hair Clippings: If there’s one thing we see a lot of at our salon, it’s hair! 💇 Did you know that in our mission to be an eco-friendly salon, we actually compost your hair? We collect your hair and then send it to Salon Cycle to be composted! Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow, so your trim or big chop is helping the planet in a green way.