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Glow Airbrush Tan Series

Want to protect that beautiful skin, but NEED that summer glow?

Then we’ve got the ULTIMATE special for you!

Introducing our Glow Tan Series!

At B. Monroe Salon, we offer two different customized spray tan formulas applied by a trained stylist using an airbrush gun for a completely new look. Our solution is specially formulated to give you a golden, natural-looking tan with no trace of orange and best of all, it lasts for 5-7 days. And now we are excited to offer a new Express One Hour Airbrush Tan! With this new formula, guests may shower as early as one hour after application. Same great tan without the wait!

Love our tans? Packages are available! Buy 5, get 1 FREE!

Learn more about our Salon Policies here.

Customized Spray Tan Services

Airbrush Tan 1 Application

Express One Hour Airbrush Tan 1 Application

Airbrush Tan Package 6 Applications

Express One Hour Airbrush Tan Package 6 Applications

Why Spray Tan?

Everyone knows how dangerous overexposure to UV rays can be, but no one wants to sacrifice that beautiful tan and wear 50 SPF when you’re lying on the beach or by the pool. Even tanning beds can cause skin cancer and cost precious time and money.

With a spray tan at B. Monroe Salon, you can have the gorgeous, golden tan you’ve dreamed of without risking the health of your skin – and it only takes 15 minutes! Get a tan the healthy way so you can look and feel great about your skin.

Spray Tan Instructions

  1. Come to your B. Monroe spray tan appointment clean shaven and exfoliated.
  2. A trained stylist will apply your tan with an airbrush gun, so wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.
  3. Wait at least 12 hours for Regular Airbrush Tan and at least 1 hour for Express Airbrush Tan before exposing your body to any moisture including sweat, rain, showering, or swimming.

*Available at our Macon and Warner Robins locations.