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Terrace Talks : Adison

Hi Adison! Tell us a little about yourself:
“I am a Macon native: born and raised. At first, I always thought I wanted to go off to college and move away, but when it came down to it, I couldn’t leave my home. I went to Middle Georgia State University for a year thinking I would major in Business, but quickly realized that route wasn’t really what I wanted. I made the switch to cosmetology and never looked back.”

What made you decide to be a hair stylist?
“I really just went out on a limb with it. The industry has just always appealed to me. I have always felt crafty or artsy. And I love everything about beauty, hair, makeup, everything. I was always researching trends and techniques online, watching videos, tutorials. I wanted to know it all. Bridal hair and makeup really drew me in initially, but I knew that I could learn more about the other aspects of the business to have more opportunities to take care of guests.”

What’s your favorite thing in cosmetology right now?
“I really love balayage right now. I’m really digging it because it’s not so uniform. It gives the stylist the ability to be more creative and artistic with each guest and to personalize their look. I love the natural feel and softness of it. Our recent Redken Color Authority class we had in the salon was awesome and Noah, our Redken Artist, really showed me more about the relationship of tones; going further into undertones and color theory as a whole.”

Who is one of your biggest inspirations in this business?
“When I would go to my own hair stylist in high school, I remember always asking so many questions about what she was doing and how she was doing it. That was when I realized I really wanted to know more about cosmetology. To be honest, since I originally wanted to go into a Business career, I then started thinking well maybe I’ll go to cosmetology school and then eventually own a salon and tie those two things together, so really Nichole was someone that I looked up to and wanted to be more like. Now that I see the potential career path that a stylist can have in a company like Signature, though, I realize that I do not have to be the salon owner to have a successful career! I can do what I love, support my family, and not necessarily have the huge responsibilities of being the salon owner to be successful. I am really pleased with the possibilities that I have just as a stylist here!”

Tell us a little bit about your Signature life:
“I feel like the best part of Signature is that on some level, we can all relate to each and every person who works here. We are all so diverse, but I feel like I can go up to any stylist and talk to them and relate with them and learn from them. And there are so many of us, that not everyone is doing the same thing all the time. We all have a lot of specialties and things that we can share with one another. Coming straight out of school into the field is very, very intimidating. A talented, new stylist can get lost in it all. But here, you have a professional plan set for you and it’s actually attainable, and I feel like that’s a lot of people’s fear when they first get going that they won’t make it because there isn’t a plan like that in a lot of salons. I love the structure it provides us. It is not normal for this industry. A structured plan allows us to focus on our guests with no distractions and not having to be concerned with the other affairs of the salon. Which makes you love your job more because you are able to do what you love to do and not have to worry about anything else!”

What is something you like to do in your off time?
“I love being a hairstylist because I am a people person! So even after a 12 hour day of being with people, and when I should be wanting some quiet, alone time, I usually end up wanting to hang out with my friends! I love being around people. I really like going to see the Macon Mayhem, they’re awesome! We like to get together and go to dinner. The Rookery and Bearfoot Tavern downtown are my faves!”