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Terrace Talks : Aubrey

Hi Aubrey! Tell us a little about yourself.
“My little family consists of my husband Daniel and our two darling cats, Huckleberry and Paisley.”

What is your favorite thing about being in the cosmetology industry?
“I feel like I am best at cutting curly hair, long layers, and highlights! My favorite trend right now is balayage with a shadowed root. I love how you can customize it for each client!”

Tell us a little bit about your Signature life:
“When Daniel and I got engaged, I knew I would be relocating to Macon. I met Nichole’s mom, Renee, through our church and she was talking about how awesome Signature was. I was curious, so I started asking around town and everyone said Signature was the best place for a stylist starting out in Macon. Even other salons I went to directed me to Signature! When I first married Daniel, I told him that I was a hair stylist and that was my passion, but that I wouldn’t make any money doing it, because that is the stigma around doing hair: that you can’t have a good, stable career doing this. And I wanted him to know that upfront, but that I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But coming to Signature has made my business amazing! Not only is this a rewarding job, but now I’m actually making a good living and being able to contribute to my family like I never imagined was possible. Being an Educator here also taps into my other passion of teaching other stylists and building their confidence as they grow in their careers as well.”

What made you decide to be a hair stylist?
“Well after high school, I was waiting tables in my hometown and watched a lot of my friends go off to college or on to the next big thing, and I was just like ‘What am I doing with my life?!’ At the time, I was also applying to jobs and my mom finally said that I needed to think about what would make me happy as a career. And what has always made me happy, was to make other’s feel better about themselves. So we decided to look into Cosmetology and I began asking around to see if any stylists needed an apprentice to test the waters. The first salon I walked into, I met the owner, asked her if she needed someone and she told me to start the next week!

What is something that you like to do to in your off time?
“We like to go explore little towns, go antiquing, and check out coffee shops. I really enjoy going to see my family, since they live out of town. And then when we can, we just enjoy having quality, one on one time, just Daniel and I. We both have pretty busy schedules, so it’s nice to make our time together a priority.”

What is something that some people may not know about you?
“Although my husband is a multi-talented musician, I have no musical talent whatsoever. People assume I’m musically inclined only by association! Other than that, I’m a huge Parks and Rec fan. I can quote it all.”