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Terrace Talks : Christine

Hi Christine! Tell us a little about yourself.
“My husband, Willie, and I got married this past September and we have four chihuahuas: Darrell, Audrey, Gracie, and Junior! We both come from big families but his family is really quiet and conservative, and mine is really loud and obnoxious! We met through mutual friends in high school because we grew up in the same town. And what’s really crazy is his grandma and my grandfather rode the bus together! They knew each other before we were even around! We just recently bought a house in Macon and are closing this month which is really exciting but we have a lot of packing left to do.”

What is your favorite thing about being in the cosmetology industry?
“I really like color, I think it comes very naturally to me. I really enjoy vibrant and fashion colors. Highlights and root touchups are nice and give my brain a bit of a break, but when someone comes into the salon and says they want a complete makeover, you really get to think about it and come up with the formulas to give you the look you want to achieve. It’s a fun challenge! I like the daring and open minded guest. Oh and reds! I love red hair color.”

Tell us a little bit about your Signature life:
“We are a really cool team. I really like that everyone has unique strengths and talents. So whenever I have a question about something, I can go to different people for the solution depending on the issue I may have. Aubrey and Elizabeth for blondes, Hayden for short hair cuts, Mary for updo’s, Casey for any haircut, Erin for makeup. I can learn something from everyone! I am the Salon Education Manager here and I really enjoy teaching the new associates and blowing their minds! It’s an important role to be in and I am glad that I get to be apart of it.”

What made you decide to be a hair stylist?
“I always really wanted to do hair. I played softball growing up and would braid all my teammates’ hair. In high school we actually had a cosmetology program and I knew I wanted to take that course. A lot of people took it because they thought it was an easier class to add to their schedules, but I was actually really interested in it and was excited to take it. Then I went to college for a couple of years but realized that it wasn’t the path for me. So I enrolled in cosmetology school and never looked back. I have always worked in Summit Salons so the systems we have at Signature are very familiar to me.”

What is something that you like to do to in your off time?
“We love to go to the movies on Sunday mornings, go bowling, and go visit our families since they live farther away. I’m obsessed with Pinterest and love looking up DYI craft projects on there. Although it usually ends up costing me more than the article says it will! I go to Hobby Lobby for one or two things and end up spending $100!! That store is my favorite.”

Is there anything about yourself that some people may not know?
“I actually played softball for 15 years. I was a pitcher! I really like playing sports, but I’m not really into watching them.”