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Terrace Talks : Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth! Tell us a little about yourself.
“I love to run, travel, and spend time with my girlfriends! I got married last May to my sweet husband Edward and we have a lot of fun together. We have learned so much more about each other in the 7 months that we have been married then we ever thought we would. We love to go to the lake together during the summertime. Edward is actually building a boat right now, refurbishing a 1960 AquaSport, and it is a lot of fun to watch him do what he loves to do and be a part of his hobbies and interests. We have a sweet pup named Bekah who I have had for 8 years and she is my child! Can’t imagine life without her.”

What is your favorite thing about being in the cosmetology industry?
“I am definitely a people person so I love to interact with my guests! I love doing color and transforming a person just by giving them a new look. I love doing blondes. Since I’m a blonde myself, I feel like that has attracted blonde guests to me just by the fact that I totally get the blonde mindset!”

Tell us a little bit about your Signature life:
“I have been working at Signature for 3 years now. I worked in a different salon before and needed more structure. At the time, Nichole and Signature weren’t even using the Summit System yet, but I could already tell that it was going to be life changing. I wake up and love to come to work. I love having a plan to grow my career. I feel honored to be an educator in our company and it’s a great opportunity to teach up and coming stylists. It is so awesome to see how much our associates grow over a small period of time! And it’s really good for me as well to stay up to date on everything.”

What made you decide to be a hair stylist?
“I went to college for 3 years to teach but quickly realized that I needed something more hands on and creative, but still wanted to be able to work with people. All of my friends in high school would comment on how well I did my own hair and makeup and would ask me to help with theirs, but it wasn’t until my mom really started to encourage me to try it out, that I seriously considered going to cosmetology school. After being in this industry, I really truly feel like this is where i’m supposed to be and I don’t really consider it a ‘job’, it’s more fun.”

What is something that you like to do to in your off time?
“I love to run and workout. It’s a huge part of my life and not just a thing to do. It’s definitely a lifestyle. I have struggled with anxiety in the past and maintaining a regular workout routine has really helped me feel in control of it instead of it controlling me. I just recently signed up to do my 3rd half-marathon this November!”